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That branch of technology that studies the conversion of solar radiation energy into other forms of energy suitable for practical use.


  • System Sizing
  • Conceptual System Layout
  • PVSYST Reports for Energy Forecasting
  • Interconnect Applications
  • Module Selection
  • Inverter Selection
  • Combiner Selection
  • Racking Selection
  • Balance of System Details
  • Medium Voltage Equipment
  • Engineering Calculations


CEG has been involved in the design and specification of photovoltaic systems for over five years. The firm has provided complete engineering packages for hundreds of systems ranging in size from 1kW to over 6.5MW. Over 25MW of combined system capacity has been designed to date. We are well versed in various code requirements, design standards, interconnect requirements and industry trends. Projects include one of the largest ground mounted systems in Massachusetts and one of the largest roof top systems in New Jersey. System types include ground mounted, roof tops, parking garages, and parking canopies. Clients and end-users include the Veterans Administration, US Air Force, US Navy, US Marines, US Coast Guard, numerous municipalities, school boards, and private, corporate and industrial customers. The firm is licensed in most PV active states and can obtain additional licenses as needed.